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At 20, I found myself at rock bottom after landing myself in jail. I was angry and felt disconnected. It was not my best moment.

But the remarkable women I met in prison pushed me to find my better self. They opened my mind to who I could be and what I could do with my life. 

My life changed. I learned to really listen, to others who had my best interest at heart, and to myself.

This inspired me to find how I could help others see beyond their stories to step into their best selves. Then maybe, they would be inspired to do this for others. This is my way of making a difference in the world.

I collected degrees, obsessed over research, and became a workshop junkie looking for how to transform other people as I had been transformed. 

Then I discovered the science of coaching.

Coaching techniques and studying neuroscience taught me how to train people to change other’s minds and behavior. 

I was hooked. It changed everything for me. Success began to find me.

I have spent 25 years deepening my coaching skills and teaching coaching around the world. 

Now I want to bring the techniques I have learned to other coaches, so they can have the same impact with their clients and their organizations.  

I see so many companies struggle with building engaged, productive cultures of collaboration with their teams.

When people disagree, they often become defensive and can’t even hear one another. 

This causes breakdowns in communications, generating new ideas and halts progress towards success.

I’m here to change that.

With Breakthrough Coaching, leaders and staff learn to listen deeply, handle their emotions and actually change each other’s minds for good. They come together in more meaningful ways and support each other’s success.

When leaders learn how to use a coaching approach in conversations, they become “thinking partners” helping others see beyond their blocks to discover what more is possible.

The increased rapport, engagement and satisfaction creates corporate cultures that accelerates everyone’s success.

Marcia’s Accomplishments

  • One of the first 25 people in the world to become a Master Certified Coach (MCC) 
  • 5th Global Chair of the International Coaching Federation 
  • Inducted by the International Coach Federation into their Circle of Distinction
  • Named #5 of the World’s Top 30 Coaching Professionals in 2020 by Global Gurus
  • TED Talk “How to use anger as a force for good” 
  • Training Director for the Healthcare Coaching Institute

Marcia Reynolds speaking on stage in China


  • PsyD in Organizational Psychology
  • Two Master’s Degrees in Education and Communications

Coaching Success

Designed the culture change programs for a global semiconductor manufacturing company facing bankruptcy. Within 3 years, the company turned around and became the #1 stock market success with its IPO.


NEW! Coach The Person, Not the Problem: A Guide to Using Reflective Inquiry, became a bestseller the day it was released in June, 2020.

Outsmart Your Brain (best-seller)

The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs (best-seller)

Wander Woman: How High Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction (Gold Medal: Axiom Business Books Awards)


Press                             Videos

Psychology Today                                           Short videos on leadership coaching concepts                                              

Fast Company                                                Demo coaching video

Talent Management                                                           TEDx

The Wall Street Journal                                  Highlights of Dr. Reynolds speaking

ABC World News 

Choice Magazine                                           Talk at Google on The Discomfort Zone



  • Duke Clinical Research Institute
  • The Hershey Company
  • Ernst & Young
  • Mayo Hospitals
  • Medtronic
  • Sanofi
  • Cornell University
  • Smith College
  • Boise Paper
  • Dignity Health
  • Institute for Management Studies
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Center for Disease Control
  • American Express
  • US National Institutes of Health

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“Marcia Reynolds is by far the most effective and influential executive coach and corporate trainer I have ever encountered. It is not only Ms. Reynolds deep skills and understanding of executive development that I consider world class; Ms. Reynolds has a brilliant ability to comprehend, nurture, and feed back information to all types of leaders while they are experiencing significant change. Everyone is positively affected after a program or conversation with Ms. Reynolds.”

Per Lindved Madsen, PhD

Head of Global Talent Management, DAMCO

Work with Marcia Reynolds

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