Coach Certification Programs for Leaders

Whether you want to shift your organization culture or you want a team of development professionals to be more effective in ensuring behavioral change, you will want to bring in a coaching program that will give your leaders what they need to be certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Most companies find that giving leaders a 2-day Leader as Coach program just scratches the surface in skill training and coach effectiveness. With these programs, you can be certain that the people you train will use their coaching skills to make a difference in your organization and the lives of the people they coach. When leaders have a coaching mindset, engagement and results increase.

Covisioning offers an in-house 60-credit program (see below) that provides the advanced training and mentoring required to achieve the Associate Certified Coach designation by the ICF. After training begins, participants just need to log 100 hours of coaching non-direct reports and take a Knowledge Assessment exam to apply for the designation.

ICF LogoTo earn the Professional Certified Coach designation, we work with the Pyramid Resource Group to provide a complete 125-hour training and mentoring program accredited by the ICF at the highest ACTP level called the Pyramid Coaching Institute.

You can send one leader or a team of in-house coaches to the program, or Pyramid can offer the program internally for your team on your schedule. If you are looking to make a shift in your culture to be more connected and focused on developing individual and team potential, you should consider this option. Marcia Reynolds is the Training Director so you can contact her for more information.

The Pyramid Resource Group also offers certification in Team Coaching for your leaders and development professionals.

In-house 60-credit Leadership Coaching Program

The following program provides advanced training and practice for your leadership coaches and development professionals. The elements provide the participants the necessary training and mentoring needed to apply for an ACC credential from the International Coach Federation.

Live Classroom #1 – 2 Days = 15 Hours/Credits

The first 2-Day live intensive is designed to deepen the understanding of coaching as a methodology for shifting perceptions and seeing greater possibilities for taking action. The course focuses on the following core competencies: establishing trust and intimacy, coaching presence, active listening, powerful questioning, direct communications, and creating awareness. The participants will gain a deep understanding of the competencies both theoretically and in practice.

Objectives -

  • Explore the coaching competencies as defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and what they look like in action.
  • Introduce the critical need to be present to self while being present with others when coaching. Practice techniques for self-awareness while with others.
  • Explore the concept of “I” in how we relate to others in coaching and leadership relationships.
  • Delve into the DREAM model of coaching that combines both structure and spontaneity to allow a new awareness to emerge in the conversation.
  • Determine the difference between the topic of a session and the desired outcome. Practice drilling down to the real desired outcome to get to the source of the problem.
  • Differentiate the three levels of listening and what can be heard at each level.
  • Practice listening from the three major processing centers in your nervous system so you know what questions to ask that will disrupt and create a broader reality.
  • Learn the pathways for coaching certification.

Live Classroom #2 – 2 Days = 15 Hours/Credits

The program will go deeper in exploring the need for disruptive practices and how to use these effectively in coaching, especially with strong egos. Concepts from Emotional and Social Intelligence will be integrated into the coaching practice to further locate blind spots and points of resistance. Each participant will have the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on their coaching.

Objectives -

  • Learn recent discoveries in behavioral learning psychology and why disrupting and challenging are necessary for successful coaching.
  • Define and explore the difference between establishing trust (safety) and intimacy (risk) and the need for both in coaching.
  • Identify the typical causes of blind spots and resistance in leaders and high potentials to help focus what you are listening for.
  • Use Emotional and Social Intelligence in coaching to get to the source of the block in thinking and find a different, more effective solution.
  • Determine how to both separate and blend consulting with coaching for the most beneficial results.
  • Practice coaching with feedback specific to the core coaching competencies.

Live Classroom #3 – 2 Days = 15 Hours/Credits

Participants advance their coaching skills through working through case studies, focused practice on particular competency development, small group mentoring sessions and discussion on issues of cultural awareness, including biases around power and privilege that affect both leadership and coaching relationships. In preparation for ICF certification, they will also participate in feedback sessions to assess their ICF competency development.

Objectives -

  • Share coaching cases and possible approaches to both deepen awareness around the ICF competencies and how to masterfully apply them to typical coaching scenarios with senior leaders/executives.
  • Participate in full class and small group mentoring sessions. Each person will coach at least twice and feedback from the instructor.
  • Discuss the concept of “success” in the coaching relationship and the many ways to define what could be considered a positive outcome.
  • Identify cultural differences, including the concepts of power and privilege, and how this affects both leadership and coaching dynamics.
  • Discuss the ICF credentialing requirements needed after instruction is completed.

The program includes the following virtual classes and mentoring to complete the ICF requirements:

Coaching Standards and Ethics (2 Virtual Classes = 4 Hours/Credits)

This course focuses ethical and professional issues applicable to a coaching practice consistent with the standards established by the International Coach Federation. Discussions include additional challenges the students might face in organizational settings to help them navigate “tricky situations.”

Client Types and Patterns (2 Virtual Classes = 4 Hours/Credits)

Although each person coached brings personal challenges, there are specific client types that present motivational and personality patterns that will show up while coaching. Some patterns are common to organizational structure, such as first-time leaders, late stage career professionals, and experienced new hires. Some patterns are common to dominant personality types, such as the high-achiever, the visionary, and the organizer. It is useful for the coach to quickly identify these patterns while not stereotyping the individual. This course explores both identifying patterns and listening beyond patterns to ensure effective coaching.

Internal Contracting and Boundary Setting (2 Virtual Classes = 4 Hours/Credits)

This course explores the many situations where coaching can be effective for both teams and individuals. It also looks into scenarios where coaching would not be helpful or where the coach's professional standards might be called into question. The participants will create their own contracting documents and coaching agreements. They will also practice coaching in situation where they might have to draw boundaries. The second class will also take a deeper look at how the coach works with the coachee to determine the desired outcome of coaching and what to do if the outcome requires more than the coaching can provide.

Mentor Coaching – Reviewed sessions with feedback

Participants going for ICF certification will need 3 additional sessions reviewed (live or recorded) with written and oral feedback.


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