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As a leader or coach, you are in the business of changing people’s minds. Whether you are a front-line manager, an executive with a leadership team, or a coach hired to increase the effectiveness and satisfaction, there will be times when people push back on your ideas even if your intentions are in their best interest.

How do you transform these situations into moments of profound awareness and growth?

The Discomfort Zone will teach you how!

What you’ll learn:

The objective of the book is to empower you with all the skills you need to master Discomfort Zone conversations so people choose to make changes on their own.

  • The Setup: The essentials for preparing to hold Discomfort Zone conversations
  • The Model: A proven model for conducting Discomfort Zone conversations to open people’s minds to new possibilities
  • Case Studies: Many of these are likely to apply to your own situations
  • Developmental Ideas: Ways to support your growth and ensure your success

When you work with someone who you know is capable of seeing new possibilities and achieving greater success but they are stuck in one perspective and resisting all suggestions, a conversation in the Discomfort Zone is your best opportunity to change his or her mind. The techniques serve to help people restructure thinking in more productive ways so growth is self-directed, which leads to long-lasting change.

The more you can get the neurons sparking in someone’s brain, the greater the chance for innovation, unexpected achievement, and the insatiable desire to grow. Goals will be met or exceeded. More importantly, you will realize how fulfilling it is to watch a person’s brain change before your eyes.

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