Breakthrough Coaching Refreshers




Deliberate Directions Video Podcast for Deliberate Leaders – Allison Dunn and I looked at elements of Breakthrough Coaching that can be used in any conversation, including difficult performance conversations that leaders may have.

Empowering Leadership Video Podcast – Cindy Marie and I explored how our past shapes our future, and what we can use or rise above to be our best self. Post date: January 25th, 2024

Beyond the Page podcast. I had a great conversation with Garry about coaching, how humans learn, and the brain on change.

STaR Coach Podcast with Meg Rentschler – When we think too much in our coaching, we break the presence with our clients. We make it about our identity as a coach instead of about the work the client is doing–and that’s not good coaching. Meg and I talked about what is partnership with our clients. Join us to learn more!

TNM Unplugged Podcast with Zoran Todorovic – We explore the power of Breakthrough Coaching, examining the essential elements needed in the coaching conversation for the emergence of Lightbulb Moments. We discsssed the what narratives hinder clients from resolving problems and achieving the desired changes within themselves. Breakthrough Coaching offers methods, resources, and exercises designed to facilitate immediate and sustainable shifts in perspective and behavior. These tools propel us forward on our journey toward coaching mastery.

How to Be Awesome at Your Job with Pete Mockaitis – You’ll Learn:
-Why coaching is simpler than you think
-How to shift into the ideal state of mind
-Your most powerful coaching tool

Arete Coach Podcast – Listen to my conversation with Severin Sorensen as we explore integrating emotional intelligence and neuroscience to drive sustainable behavioral change in this episode, titled “Coaching Heights: Beyond Skills to the Energy of Presence.”

Arete Coach Podcast
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