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Coach the Person, Not the Problem

A Guide to Using Reflective Inquiry

Masterful coaching is simpler than you think. When you apply the five essential practices along with the three mental habits, those you coach will break through the frames that limit their perceptions and choices.

You become their trusted thinking partner as they discover new ways to achieve their desired outcomes, make critical life choices, and improve the bottom line in their businesses. You can quickly master these practical tips and skills to achieve more profound results from your coaching.

What is Reflective Inquiry?

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What are the 5 Essential Practices and 3 Mental Habits?

"Anyone who can strip away the mystery of coaching and show it as an everyday way of connecting with other humans is a hero in my books. Marcia Reynolds is that person. You should read Coach the Person so you can change people's lives."

- Michael Bungay Stanier, author of the WSJ bestseller The Coaching Habit

What You Will Learn From This Book

In a world run by uncertainty and the constant feeling of impending crisis, these skills will help you coach people to stay sane, productive, and optimistic.

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    Expand Your Concept of "Good Coaching"

    Broaden the scope of what you think you should do to coach well. Take the complexity out of the process.

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    Implement 5 Essential Coaching Practices

    Coaching tools, learning exercises, tip lists and case studies to immediately apply the practices to achieve more powerful results.

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    Demystify How to Achieve Coaching Mastery

    Recognize where you are on the journey to mastery and what will move you forward on the path.

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    Differentiate Asking Questions from Reflective Inquiry

    Explore the power of using reflective statements to shift thinking and create breakthroughs without trying to recall the perfect question.

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    Raise the Awareness of the Power of Coaching

    Define and explain the power of coaching to others and clearly differentiate coaching from other professions and leadership roles.

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    Build Your Coaching Toolbox

    Detailed guidelines of what to do and what to avoid as you apply what you learn to improve your coaching effectiveness.

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    Acquire the 3 Mental Habits That Breathe Life Into Your Practices

    Use the exercises to develop your coaching presence and the safe space needed for catalyzing results.

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    Experience Your Value as a Coach

    Never question your value as a coach as you expand the minds and fill the hearts of humans you partner with.

More Testimonials

"Marcia, a true pioneer in the field says 'coaching shouldn't be so hard' and yet, we have hopelessly complicated things for many newer coaches.  Marcia, in her straightforward, brilliantly articulated  way navigates us to simplicity on the far side of the complexity in her definitive guide to breakthrough coaching."

- Madeleine Homan Blanchard, MCC MSc, Co-Founder Coaching Services, The Ken Blanchard Companies

“There is far more to coaching than asking good questions—and Dr. Reynolds brilliantly outlines what it takes to move your coaching from good to great in her newest book, Coach the Person, Not the Problem. She looks at the science of coaching and the proven practices that lead to breakthroughs in thinking and lasting personal change.  Packed with tips, tools, and case studies, this easy-to-use guide will become an essential resource for teachers and coaches.”

- Deb Giffen, Director Custom Programs, Wharton Executive Education

"Dr. Marcia Reynolds provokes the reader to explore ways of partnering with clients and coaching beyond the 'sacred cows'  and rigidly prescribed questioning techniques.

She also does a great service to the profession by elevating the conversation above conflicting  coaching schools or cults and urging us to refocus again on the human being we partner with."

- Prof. Konstantin Korotov, PhD, ESMT Berlin

"Marcia's training with our internal team of coaches was tremendously impactful. There were three key benefits. Firstly, it improved our ability to coach leaders and navigate difficult conversations with more confidence and effectiveness; secondly, through increasing our awareness of listening with brain, heart and gut we are better coaches; and thirdly, it brought us closer as a team by fostering more trust and openness. "

- Amee OlsonDirector, Coaching and Executive Development

About the Author - A World-Renowned "Coach's Coach"

Dr. Marcia Reynolds, Master Certified Coach helps coaches and leaders make every conversation a difference-making experience. She has provided coaching and training in 43 countries and is recognized by Global Gurus as one of the top 5 coaches in the world.

Dr. Reynolds is the Training Director for the Healthcare Coaching Institute. She was the 5th global president of the International Coach Federation. She is also faculty for the International Coach Academy in Russia and Create China Coaching in China. She speaks at coaching conferences globally and teaches leaders in multi-national companies how to use coaching skills in their daily conversations.

Prior to coaching, she ran training departments and directed organizational change programs for two global companies. Her programs helped one company launch the most successful IPO in the United States in 1993.

Excerpts from Marcia's books Outsmart Your BrainThe Discomfort Zone, and Wander Woman have appeared in business and psychological publications world-wide

Marcia is passionate about how coaching contributes to making the world a better place for all.

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