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On Presence, Coaching Cultures, and Crossroad. I'm honored to be a part of Michael Bungay Stanier and @mbs_works top ten podcasts. His list is a great gift I'm happy to share with you. Listen to our fun conversation, and then check out some of the other podcasts, too.

How to Choose How You Want to Feel. In this episode of Leader to Leader with Jennifer Zach, we talk about my book "Outsmart Your Brain." Listen to what inspired me to write the book and why Dr. Marcia says self-talk is useless.

How to Authentically Connect as Leaders with Al McBride on his Dealing with Goliath podcast.  We explored how to develop leadership presence and how leaders can use a coaching approach to inspire others to take new actions and grow.

Coaching for Potential with Rory Rowland. We looked at the power of leaders to use Reflective Inquiry practices to open minds and ensure growth. When people hear their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs spoken by someone else, it prompts them to critically consider how their thinking and actions affects their goals. Listen for tips and approaches for creating breakthrough conversations.

A Leadership Excellence Conversation with Mike Ettore. We talked about how leaders can you use conversations, even difficult ones, to help people commit and grow.

Luminary Interview with Steve Dailey Using Reflective Inquiry to Get Results (Aug. 2020)

Podcast Interview on The Transformative Leader with Naveed Ghannad (August 6, 2020) about how leaders can harness the power of conversation to evoke the transformative potential within ourselves and others, especially in uncertain times.

INTERNET RADIO INTERVIEW on Innovating Leadership with Maureen Metcalf
Difficult Conversations That Get Positive Results
, the show to help you turn resistance into a productive result. You will learn how to mentally prepare for your conversation as well as what to do while you are in it. No matter if you are wearing the hat of leader, parent, or friend, you will gain the confidence and tips you need to hold your next difficult conversation.

PODCAST INTERVIEW with Follow My Lead: Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow with John Eades. Coach the Person, Not the Problem  (May 6, 2020) "What is the value I can give this person right now that’s meaningful to them?” We look at what makes coaching a successful conversational approach for leaders, including the team member who knows it all!

PODCAST INTERVIEW with The Leadership Coaching Group with Liz Howard.
Developing Non-Reactive Empathy - Leaders often love to be problem solvers. And while this can be a strength, it is not necessarily the right mindset to take into conversations with your employees. Why? Because active listening is more about creating a safe psychological space for others to speak freely so you can explore the root cause of their problems. And the best way to connect, according to Dr. Marcia Reynolds, is through non-reactive empathy. By removing the "reactive" behaviors commonly associated with empathy, you allow the focus to stay on your employee instead of distracting them to focus on your reactions.

PODCAST INTERVIEW with Valda Ford on

with Dr. Gloria Burgess in her Legacy Living program on Having Hard Conversations - Part 1, Episode #174.

PODCAST INTERVIEW with Glenn Taylor Dare to Fly Higher on how having productive uncomfortable conversations where emotions are involved can produce the results you desire.

PODCAST INTERVIEW with Wanda Wallace on her program for leaders, Out of the Comfort Zone - Leaders have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable so you can nudge your employees into discomfort without pushing them over the edge.

PODCAST INTERVIEW on Talent Grow - The coaching approach to leadership: Inspiring top performers and working through challenging times.

RADIO INTERVIEW with BFM: The Business Radio Station of Malaysia on The Discomfort Zone:

Watch Marcia do an interview for C-Suite TV discussing her new book, The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs.

Why does coaching work? How do you stop an addiction to achievement? Can you show me how to "outsmart my brain?" Marcia Reynolds is frequently asked to answer questions like this on talk shows and news programs. These clips are from both national and local new programs, including ABC World News. Contact us for more information.

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