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Your teachings are wonderful! I had a 1:1 with a team member today and she was sharing a situation that was very difficult and very emotional for her. Instead of jumping in to offer a solution and to “calm her down,” I noticed my discomfort with the situation and then allowed for the silence and for her to have that emotional expression. I listened and empathized. It was such a powerful moment for me because I’m accustomed to doing something completely opposite! And I could also feel that she felt that safe space for her to express her emotions – it was truly beautiful.  Curiosity, compassion, and courage > who doesn’t need more of that in their conversations?!?

Project Manager

Thank you for the beautiful online training session yesterday, Marcia. The beauty was in the way you created an atmosphere of safety and peace and zero judgment through the coaching demo… You offered 100% focus and presence that I can only describe as beautiful.

I live and work in an environment that is largely impatient and always on the go. It is really tough to share the benefits of genuinely giving quality time even in short sessions to help people find themselves here in Nigeria. You embodied patience warmth & genuine interest in the human from the start to the end. The cherry on the cake was the fact that you were able to project all the elements of a good coaching session virtually!!!. I think you’re totally exceptional.

Thank you for the beautiful work you do for humanity. I look forward to further sessions with you and possibly meeting you someday somewhere.

Dolapo Agbede
Human Productivity and Inclusion Consultant to the Nigerian Government

Your motivational approach and rapport with the audience were exhibited in the evaluations where virtually everyone rated the program outstanding…you delivered an excellent product. We look forward to continuing work with you in the future.

John Bonar
Training Manager
Medtronic Microelectronics

Marcia Reynolds is by far the most effective and influential executive coach and corporate trainer I have ever encountered. As Head of HR, Latin America I worked with Marcia in a period of two years while she delivered “Leader of Others” and “Leader of Leaders” courses throughout Latin America. Furthermore, Ms. Reynolds became our executive coach for the Latin American President among other leaders in the region.

It is not only Ms. Reynolds deep skills and understanding of executive development that I consider world class; Ms. Reynolds has a brilliant ability to comprehend, nurture, and feed back information to all types of leaders while they are experiencing significant change. Everyone is positively affected after a program or conversation with Ms. Reynolds.

Ms. Reynolds has an open, inclusive, flexible, outgoing and warm personality with a big heart and focused determination to achieve day-to-day, concrete results – changing leaders’ behaviors to more appropriate and proactive relationships, strengthening their performance and talent management skills, and giving them the skills for providing candid and action-oriented feedback, all the while they are achieving excellent business results.

Ms. Reynolds will continue to be my primary leadership development provider and executive coach while I hold this position.

Per Lindved Madsen, PhD
Head of Global Talent Management

You gave me a new dimension and techniques I have practiced ever since your program. As a result, I am hoping to see the development of more leaders in our organization plus a higher level of service, improved staff morale and commitment of heart and energy.

Z. Orem
HR Director
World Vision, Somalia

Marcia is a dynamo of vibrant energy in everything she does. A fabulous keynote speaker and storyteller, she will take you on journeys that inspire, motivate and challenge. She is insightful, and deeply caring. Her experience of life and her willingness to share herself in service to the best in others makes her exceptional. She hits themes and memes that are critical to our times. She is lighting the path, a true global warrior. Hire her, cherish her. She will give her all.

Christine McDougall
Big Blue Sky

I invited Marcia to present to CA Technologies’ global women network on the topic of turning difficult conversations into positive outcome, and it was one of our most popular talks by the number of participation and replays. Research-backed, actionable tips, empathetic problem-solving approach, all of these make Marcia a powerful speaker. Listening to her talk is simply a joy!

Jin Zhang
VP of Product
CA Technologies

Marcia had an unbelievably engaging presentation. She was very passionate about the topic while also encouraging to the entire audience. We thoroughly enjoyed Marcia’s speech as well as the motivation and strength she brought to the stage.

Brendan Wilson
Boise Paper

I would like to thank you for helping me with a very difficult, and delicate situation. Several weeks ago, I attended one of your sessions. I put your advice to work and almost immediately ‘fixed’ the problem. We now have an excellent working relationship.

Sergeant Schultz
Apache Junction Police Department

In the past, we’ve been only marginally successful in following through on the strategies we conceived. However, with Marcia’s expert guidance, we have begun to implement critical imperatives required to accomplish our objectives… she is able to turn talk into action.

Anne-Marie Nelson
Health Services Marketing

Marcia did a fantastic job emotionally connecting her content to the audience. Her energy is inspiring!

Mandy Heaton
The Discovery Channel

Completely blown away by your presentation yesterday. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. You are a woman in this field I admire and strive to achieve your level of success in my own expertise.

Ashley English
The Willow Center

Clear, concise and highly effective. You kept me wanting more.

Rachel Alderman

Marcia brings in an element of fun that helps accelerate the learning. Her energetic, magnetic personality allows her to connect with people from many different backgrounds.

Suzanne Harbster
Microchip Technology

Your keynote address received many enthusiastic accolades! You brought originality, inspiration and practical professionalism to a very savvy group of peers.

Agnes Mura
Professional Coaches & Mentors Association

We enjoyed it very much. You related well to the audience and put them at ease.

Judy Johnson
Pointe Hilton Hotels

Your presentation, Outsmart Your Brain, was an excellent one for sales people who are starting the new year. You motivated the group to participate. I would recommend you to any group.

Carla Jamison
Printing Industries Association

Quite a bit was hinging on your speech. You delivered…with a well-thought out message and involvement to get people on their feet and moving to your message. Well done.

Karl Ahlrichs
Society for Human Resource Management

Our appreciation goes out to you for providing a high level of quality, entertainment, knowledge and professionalism.

Judy Tingley
American Society for Training and Development

From one speaker to another…you are inspiring! Everyone went home with at least one wonderful gem.

Sue Tucker
Lee Hecht Harrison

Thank you for speaking to the DCRI leaders about emotional intelligence; it was a truly memorable day. I am very grateful for the time and effort you took to explain how a person can understand and better respond to emotions, overcome stress, and heighten their awareness about how words and actions impact others. You are an outstanding speaker.

Keith Frederick
Head of Organizational Resilience
Duke Clinical Research Institute

Marcia’s training with our internal team of coaches was tremendously impactful. There were three key benefits. Firstly, it improved our ability to coach leaders and navigate difficult conversations with more confidence and effectiveness; secondly, it increased our effectiveness as individual leaders through our increasing our awareness of the importance of leading with brain, heart and gut; and thirdly, it brought us closer as a team by fostering more trust and openness.

Amee Olson
Director, Coaching and Executive Development
The Hershey Company


Keith Frederick
Head of Organizational Resilience
Duke Clinical Research Institute

Amee Olson
VP, Organizational Effectiveness
West Pharmaceuticals

Jin Zhang
VP of Product
CA Technologies

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