The Discomfort Zone: Turning Difficult Conversations into Positive Results


Difficult conversations are an inevitable part of life. Whether it's about a failing project, performance issues, neutralizing bickering team or family members, or a misunderstanding that has created frustrations and resentment - there will come a time when you will need to initiate a tough conversation.

We tend to avoid difficult conversations because they often trigger an emotional response. People get angry, defensive, embarrassed, and possibly sad (with tears). If you don’t respond well to these reactions, there is a real cost to the relationship.

Yet avoiding difficult conversations can make matters worse. What you hope to achieve doesn’t live up to your expectations. Avoiding a topic or person can permanently damage the relationship.

On the other hand, courageously and compassionately having the conversation can lead to your growth and success as well as theirs.

This workshop will give you effective tactics for holding difficult conversations, including how you manage the emotions that arise. You will learn how to work within the Discomfort Zone and how to use moments of discomfort to create breakthroughs in thinking. The results will be positive no matter what transpires.

Stop avoiding difficult conversations. Attend this workshop to dramatically improve your conversations and overall outcomes.


  • Mentally prepare for an uncomfortable conversation.
  • Start difficult conversations with an engaging statement.
  • Use a coaching approach to shift how someone thinks about a situation.
  • Practice a 4-step process for staying calm and confident while “real playing” an upcoming conversation.

Participants will leave with a toolbox of techniques to immediately begin seeing positive changes in their difficult conversations.

I always find your sessions motivate me to make a big step forward. I can clearly see the value in allocating more time in coaching and giving feedback to my team. Every day as I feel I am getting stronger in choosing the right words and forming the right questions, and then understanding their answers at a much deeper level. The results are impressive. Thank you again.. I look forward to the next session with you. - Vassilis Karonis, Cluster Manager at Seago Line


Watch videos that explain key concepts in the class on this page.

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