Leadership Presence: Creating an Impact That Unites and Inspires

“People will forget the things you do, and people will forget the things you say. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”  - Maya Angelou, expanding on statements made by Carl W. Buechner.

Leadership Presence is a pro­fessional development program for formal or informal leaders within any organization.

Most people can describe a person who has had a positive impact on their lives. With this workshop, participants can have this same impact on others.

The 1- to 2- day program can include:

  • Part One: Who Are You as  a Leader
  • Part Two: Choosing the Impact You Have on Others
  • Part Three: Maintaining Presence Under Pressure
  • Part Four: How to Use Listening to Change People's Minds

The first part helps the leader identify who they are at their best and how to bring this forward into their daily interactions. The insights gained from the exercises include both self-awareness of gifts and talents and discovering your leadership purpose.

This second part of the course incorporates three elements: Mindfulness, Intent and Emotional Impact. The insights and skills can be used in many work conversations to inspire others to act differently.

The third part looks at applying the skills under pressure. Although participants have learned the basics of leadership presence, their time pressures, heavy workloads, worries, fears and misunderstandings will disrupt their good intent. Participants will do exercises that will help them to realize what they need to do in order to stay mindful of their impact in the moment.

The fourth part teaches how to use your entire neural network to "hear" what people want and need in the moment. From here, you can help them solve their problems in a way they could not realize on their own. You will not only help them see through their blind spots, you will make an impact they will never forget.

The program involves self-assessment, application exercises and games, and small group discussions to explore how the skills will best work on the job. By the end of the workshop, participants will know what it takes to be mindful of their impact and project a strong but caring leadership presence.

Outcomes And Results

Leadership Presence enables individuals to:

▪      Identify their strengths and clarify their purpose as a leader.

▪      Determine the impact of their presence when they enter and leave a room.

▪      Practice mindfulness, keeping their thoughts in the present instead of in the past or future.

▪      Identify various leadership patterns and the intent that each one conveys.

▪      Choose their dominant and secondary leadership patterns of behavior.

▪      Practice “flexing” their leadership behaviors.

▪      Understand the impact of emotions on how others accept them as leaders.

▪      Practice shifting their emotional tone in the moment.

▪      Become aware of the factors that disrupt and sabotage their best intentions.

▪      Set goals for being aware and able to manage their leadership presence.

As a result, participants will be better able to build respect and trust in their personal and professional relationships through their powerful presence.

Marcia will work with you to make this program “just what you need” for your organization. Contact her now so she can work with you to create a successful event.

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