Creating an Inspiring Leadership Presence

“People want you to be present more than they need you to be perfect.

In order to have open, inspiring leadership and coaching conversations, you must use your presence to earn their trust. You will also be able to recognize what they need from you moment and to quickly adapt your conversation for greater impact. Your presence is more important than the careful words you choose.

In this program, you will learn how to establish the presence of mind to best choose your words, actions, and emotions that inspire others to excel. Combining mental preparation before your conversation with the skill of emotional regulation during the interaction will give you more control of the outcome no matter how difficult the conversation feels.

Participants will learn how to…

  • Identify the value of using presence in overcoming blocks and developing the minds of others.
  • Apply the three essential elements to holding influential conversations – intention, emotional choice, belief in potential
  • Implement a 4-step process for being present in your conversation.
  • Embrace self-care as an important step in developing presence


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