Communication Kinesthetics for Coaches: How to use your presence to catalyze change

During a coaching session, your empathy might lead to a desire to relieve your client’s pain. Although empathy is essential to coaching, unbridled empathy may break the bond you were hoping to strengthen. The response you believe is "being supportive" could damage their sense of safety and trust. They no longer feel they can fully express themselves with you.

Even before you practice Emotional Intelligence, you need to develop your Reflective Intelligence to notice what passes into your thoughts and feelings in a non-critical way. Then you need to align the "wisdom centers" of your nervous system to not only receive meaning from you client, but to create the energy cycle that allows your client to feel safe and open with you.

The two components of Communication Kinesthetics include:

  1. Reflective Intelligence to increase your ability to foster non-reactive empathy and use your presence to catalyze change.
  2. Aligning your 3 Wisdom Centers to deepen your sensory awareness and prompt your clients to safely explore with you while in their discomfort zones, leading to breakthroughs in awareness.

Using Reflective Intelligence increases your ability to notice when emotions arise in your body. You then choose to release the reaction or offer what you sense to your client to help them better understand the experience. Then you relax your body and let the emotion subside.

Reflective Intelligence is especially useful when you feel the urge to jump in and fix people, helping them see what they should feel and do instead. This urge might arise from empathy, or you could be judging the person’s beliefs.

Aligning your 3 Wisdom Centers will help you accept, appreciate, and encourage expression in others so they can freely explore their blocks and blind spots. When you create a “safety zone” with your presence, your clients not only feel more trust and intimacy with you, they can more readily see a possible path forward.

After exploring common fears and reactions that hinder success in coaching, this program will teach you how to use the two elements of Communication Kinesthetics. First, you will learn to notice and release your urges, fears, and judgments while coaching. Once you “return to presence,” you can then listen with your entire nervous system to increase the possibility of creating breakthroughs in your coaching.

What you will learn:

  • Discern your feelings of empathy from your own judgment, fear, or emotional needs.
  • A 4-step process for releasing reactions and returning to presence.
  • How to listen with your entire nervous system to create a sense of psychological safety with your clients.
  • How to hold the space for breakthroughs in awareness to occur.

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