Rate Your Zone of Discomfort

Do you have what it takes to successfully manage an uncomfortable conversation? When a person has a breakthrough in thinking, it is preceded by a breakdown in a mental frame or belief. This breakdown could be brief and slightly awkward or a drawn-out emotional reaction. Your own brain has an automatic defense mechanism that will spur you to try to make the person feel better or to withdraw from the conversation. How well you handle yourself in these moments will impact how effective you can be in the conversation.

This assessment will help you assess your ability to hold a Discomfort Zone conversation. You will be given suggestions for improving your likelihood for success based on your results. Taking the quiz itself will increase your awareness of how you react to other people’s tension and emotions. You will be asked to respond to a variety of questions about different uncomfortable situations in performance or coaching conversations.

Please do not skip any questions; You might not react the same way every time you face these situations, so answer what you think is your typical response or close to it. Be honest, not hopeful. Your final score will be calculated based on all the questions even if you skip one so please answer the questions as best you can so your outcome and suggestions are relevant to you.

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