Leadership In The Moment: Leading in Chaotic, Uncertain Times

Leaders who want to thrive in chaotic and uncertain world need to develop the ability to sense and seize opportunities as they emerge in the moment. Bringing those possibilities to fruition requires a type of awareness, knowledge, and focus rarely talked about in corporate or university business classrooms. In many cases, the possibilities will emerge through conversations with others.

This program will teach leaders how to bring their presence, awareness, and adaptability to their decisions and conversations to increase both innovation and sustainable success.

Leadership in the Moment is a pro­fessional development program for formal or informal leaders within any organization. The lessons will help anyone who must be influential even under pressure. Leaders who know how to use these aspects can connect and invigorate others, gaining a competitive advantage through the rise in creativity and innovation.


One-Day Program Modules:

  1. Who is the Master, You or Your Brain?
  2. Mindfulness: How to Corral Your Brain
  3. Setting an Emotional Intention for a Powerful Impact
  4. Choosing Your “Selves Concept” to Control How You Show Up

One- and Half-Day Program – Add in these modules to the ones above

  1. Handling Resistance
  2. How to Gain or Rebuild Trust

Two-Day Program – Add in these modules to the ones above

  1. Listening for What People Need to Move Their Focus From Problems to Possibilities
  2. Using the Discomfort Zone to Change People’s Minds
  3. Personal and Organizational Development Plans

This program not only heightens the awareness leaders have of their impact on others, it teaches them how to choose words, actions and emotions that inspire others to excel. The ability to connect with the social brain will be the distinguishing leadership ability in years ahead.

Program Outcomes

  • Become emotionally “self-alert”
  • Establish emotional coherence to enhance your coaching, negotiations, influence and change management
  • Shift the emotional tone in conversations from negative to positive
  • Deliver an inspiring vision
  • Retain top talent employees by learning how to develop their minds as well as their skills
  • Motivate improved performance and reduce resistance to change through difficult conversations that create breakthrough thinking.

Leadership in the Moment will strengthen your:

  • Self-awareness and personal satisfaction
  • Relationships with colleagues and direct reports
  • Powers of leadership
  • Results through individuals and teams

Leadership in the Moment will help you decrease:

  • Conflict
  • Misunderstandings
  • Apathy and lack of motivation
  • Stress, disappointment and frustration in employees

The program is highly interactive, giving participants a chance to practice the new skills and to discuss how to integrate the skills after class is over. Techniques used include self-awareness exercises and assessments, practice sessions, case-studies and games to increase awareness, intuition, influence and successful interactions.

By the end of the program, participants will know what it takes to be mindful of their impact and skillful in creating breakthrough moments in their conversations.

“Marcia brings in an element of fun that helps accelerate the learning. Her energetic, magnetic personality allows her to connect with people from many different backgrounds.”

Suzanne Harbster, Microchip Technology

“I would like to thank you for helping me with a very difficult, and delicate situation… Several weeks ago, I attended one of your training sessions…I put your advice to work and almost immediately ‘fixed’ the problem. We now have an excellent working relationship.”

Sergeant Schultz, Apache Junction Police Department

“In the past, we’ve been only marginally successful in following through on the strategies we conceived. However, with Marcia’s expert guidance, our team has begun to implement critical imperatives required to accomplish our objectives…she is able to turn leadership talk into critical actions.”

Anne-Marie Nelson, Health Services Marketing

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