Emotional Intelligence for Leaders: How Leaders Engage Employees for Better Commitment and Results

This program not only heightens the awareness leaders have of their impact on others, it teaches them how to choose words, actions and emotions that inspire others to excel. The ability to connect and inspire with emotions is not only a necessary leadership competency, it gives leaders the ability to positively change the minds and lives of others in a way that people appreciate forever. Dr. Reynolds will help you understand and consciously choose your own emotional states, and then use skills to help others ease tensions, adapt to change, and move from problems to possibilities when faced with difficult situations.

Overview of the Program

The program will include three sections: managing self, understanding others, and using conversational skills to get good results from difficult situations. If practiced by many leaders in your organization, you can evolve your workplace to improve connections and innovation as people look forward to working in an environment  that supports both expression and respect.

During the full-day presentation, you will learn how to:
  • Become emotionally self-aware so you can catch and release your emotions before you react, giving you more control over your brain.
  • Identify your most common emotional triggers and the three choices you have when they show up.
  • Use various techniques to shift into the optimal productive state to make the best emotional, relationship, and task-related decisions in the moment
  • Establish an emotional connection with clients and colleagues to enhance negotiations and persuasiveness.
  • Mentally prepare for difficult conversations to ensure positive outcomes, and then practice a 4-step process for staying present and engaged throughout the meeting to ensure engagement and results.
Program Outline (1 or 2 days customized to your needs)
I. Being Emotionally Self-Alert
  • Understand the emotional brain and its effects on behavior and the workplace.
  • Identify how emotional states show up in your body to quickly recognize reactions before saying or acting in damaging ways.
  • Discover your primary emotional triggers and how to stay calm under pressure.
  • Practice a 4-step process for shifting your emotions at will.
  • Discern appropriate times to ask for what you need, choose to act differently, or to let go and move on.
II. Developing Awareness of Emotional Sources in Others
  • Shift your listening positions to identify triggers in others.
  • Learn how to prepare for a difficult conversations and how to work through emotional scenarios.
  • Apply a coaching approach to your conversations to deescalate reactions and resolve conflicts.
III.   Requirements for Both a Personal and Cultural Shift
  • Identify the three points of resistance to change – willingness, desire, and courage.
  • Use a focusing tool to shift the conversation perspective from problems to possibilities.
  • Determine daily routines to master your brain and more positively connect with others.
  • Look at ways to shift the culture of your organization by increasing emotional intelligence.


Methods Used
The workshop is highly interactive, giving participants a chance to practice new skills and discuss how to integrate the skills after class is over.

Workbook for participants to be copied on-site; we will provide the master for copies.

If interested, the newly revised book, Outsmart Your Brain, can be purchased at a discount price of $7.00 each.


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