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Visualization for Opening Your Head, Heart, and Gut - Do this exercise before you engage in your coaching to align your 3 brains. Listen to the recorded visualization.

What Do You Most Value? Values are tangible things/relationships and circumstances that fill us with a sense of security, fulfillment, and happiness. Examples include health, loving relationships, adventure, freedom, achievement, learning, contribution, advocacy, or success. Our values may conflict with those we live and work with. We may need to delay living in alignment with our values, but if we can envision a life in the future where we more fully live a life that honors our highest values, we can maintain hope over helplessness, and gratitude over resentment.

A Tracking Tool to Increase Your Emotional Awareness - Rewire your brain to be more aware of your emotional states in the moment so you can recognize emotions such as fear, judgment, impatience, or embarrassment while coaching and shift back to feeling curious, compassionate, and courageous.

Discover Your Emotional Triggers  - Identify your common triggers (what social need you expected to get but didn't, or assume someone won't give you). Use the list to help you understand your client's reactions to not getting a social need met, too.

Your Tool Box for Developing 3 Mental Habits to Coach the Person, Not their Problem - Tips for aligning you brain, receiving what your clients offer with non-reactive empathy, and how to catch and shift your judgments.


On Presence, Coaching Cultures, and Crossroad. I'm honored to be a part of Michael Bungay Stanier and @mbs_works top ten podcasts. His list is a great gift I'm happy to share with you. Listen to our fun conversation, and then check out some of the other podcasts, too.







PODCAST INTERVIEW  Excellent Executive Coaching Podcast How to Coach the Person, Not the Problem with Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC.  (April, 2020) We discusses the following:
— When coaching, how do you shift from an external problem-solving focus to an internal focus of shifting perspective and possibilities?
—  What is Reflective Inquiry and how does it differ from how most coaches were trained?
—  5 Crazy Coaching Beliefs, and what coaches should believe instead.
—  Tips for coaching in times of crisis and uncertainty.
—  3 Mental Habits coaches must cultivate to make their skills more effective.





PODCAST INTERVIEW - The Leadership Coaching GroupDeveloping Non-Reactive Empathy with Dr. Marcia Reynolds and Liz Howard. Leaders often love to be problem solvers. And while this can be a strength, they still don't get the results they desire. This is because when talking with others, they need to create a safe psychological space for others to speak freely to truly explore the root cause of their problems.And the best way to connect, according to Dr. Marcia Reynolds, is through non-reactive empathy. She explains the process in this program.

PODCAST INTERVIEW - How Can I Say This - Using Reflective Inquiry for Better Conversations with Beth Buelow. If you want to have a great conversation with someone, focus on trying to be interested, rather than interesting. And how do we demonstrate interest? We ask questions. But there’s more to it than that, and not all questions are created equal. Our question this episode: how can we use curiosity to make more meaningful connections with others? 

PODCAST INTERVIEW - Follow My Lead: Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow with John Eades (May 6, 2020). “What is the value I can give this person right now that’s meaningful to them?” We look at what makes coaching a successful conversational approach for leaders, including the team member who knows it all!

PODCAST INTERVIEW - Badass Women at any Age with Bonnie Marcus (May 26, 2020). Marcia talks about why coaching is so powerful, how a brief stint in jail led her to have the confidence she has to show up fully as herself today, and some of the most important things to know when searching out a career in coaching.

PODCAST INTERVIEW - How to be Awesome at Your Job with Pete Mockaitis, How to Coach More Effectively using Reflective Inquiry (June 1, 2020). Master coach Marcia Reynolds talks about the importance of reflective inquiry and why to think twice about giving advice.

PODCAST INTERVIEW - The Business of Intuition with Dean Newlund, Intuition and Emotion (June 30, 2020). In this episode, we discuss 1) How to outsmart our brains and change our behavior, 2) recognizing intuition: our nervous system signals, 3) how we tend to make our decisions with emotions and then try to justify them with logic, and 4) pulling our decisions out of our head and examining how our emotions played into it.

PODCAST INTERVIEW - Women's Radio with Pat Lynch, Coaching in Times of Radical Uncertainty (June 29, 2020). The interview focused on what is the accelerated changes we are facing today in our lives and at work. The change has prompted a transformation in leadership and how we coach people to expand their minds and discover their uplift their impact on others.

PODCAST INTERVIEW - Sacred Changemakers with Jayne Warrilow on Breakthrough Conversations In Times Of Acute Stress (July 7, 2020). We discussed how we can nourish and grow meaningful relationships and have conversations that help each other effect positive change in our uncertain world.

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