Transformational Leadership

Business cartoon showing dog and disheveled businesswoman, dog says to her, 'I hope you've had as much fun training me as I've had being trained'.

Learning Leadership Skills is a Waste of Time

If you are questioning whether you have what it takes to be a leader, the last thing you want to do is enroll in a training class. And please don’t read another leadership book thinking that will help. Attempting to become a good leader by just learning leadership skills is a waste of time and money. […]

The Hero's Journey

Have You Ever Been On a Hero’s Journey?

Whether you were pushed into an undesirable experience or you chose a path risk and uncertainty, it was only a Hero’s Journey if you can then share what you learned in a way that enlightens others. Your experience was an important journey not because you valiantly succeeded, but because you can tell the story in

When Spending Time With People Gets in the Way

Have you ever felt you had so much to get done you didn’t have time to spend with people? The emails, calls and knocks on the door make you cringe. Spending time with people gets in the way of what feels to be most important. When I teach coaching skills to leaders, I’m often asked

The Easiest Way to Sabotage Your Success

Before you read this or any other article on leadership or coaching success, go for a walk. You can’t give good feedback, inspire others, facilitate new ideas, or strategize your way out of a paper bag if your brain and body aren’t functioning well. No matter how smart you are, your stressed biology will sabotage

Quit Trying to Save the World

I was an angry employee. I knew what was wrong with the system. I knew what mistakes the leaders were making. I was the one everyone came to when they needed to complain. I was on their side. I would fight their fight. I took the burden home with me, never happy and often not

Why Feedback Doesn’t Work, and What to Do Instead

Research shows that people don’t want feedback and it doesn’t work anyway. Most people know what they did wrong but they might need help discovering what else they could do. Here are 7 steps to hold conversations that more effectively inspire development and growth than giving people advice in the form of “constructive feedback.”

A sensitive plug in

A Simple Technique for Changing Someone’s Mind

Many people, including me, teach how to ask good questions for changing someone’s mind. The video explains how this works. There is another powerful technique you can use that can be just as effective – reflection. When you hold up a mirror so someone can view their own behavior from a different perspective and hear

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