Leadership Coaching

The Most Revealing Non-Verbal Cue

People do not always tell the truth because they aren’t aware of their assumptions, they are uncomfortable revealing their thoughts, or can’t clearly articulate how they see things. You can help them understand and move forward by noticing and sharing their non-verbal emotional shifts. Here’s how.

How to Get Others to Notice You Changed

So how do you get others to notice the changes you’ve worked hard to make? This post gives 5 steps for getting people to notice the changes you are working hard to make.

Should You Develop Strengths or Correct Weaknesses?

There are two basic schools of thought in coaching and development. One side feels you should build on strengths in character and abilities. The other focuses on correcting weaknesses. Which is better to do – develop strengths or correct weaknesses? Advocates of strengths-based coaching feel that increasing one’s capacity using their strengths and positive emotions …

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