Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership in Business

Running a business successfully means having effective leaders who both manage operations and inspire employees to achieve their best results. Effective leaders know what people need to be motivated to change and to create a positive corporate culture. Additionally, effective leaders in a business setting know how to step back and see the bigger picture […]

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When “Helping” People is the Wrong Thing to Do

Recently, a very frustrated client complained, “I did my best to help my team. I gave them a clear vision and shared every bit of knowledge I have around implementing the project. They just don’t get it. We are never going to make our deadlines.” I knew why she was frustrated; when I was a

The #1 Rule for Effective Leadership (at Home and at Work)

Beyond the Golden and Platinum Rules, in our crazy busy world the one rule everyone should follow daily above all is, “Don’t be a jerk.” When I am frustrated, under pressure or running late, I masterfully rationalize my “jerky” behavior. I act as if my needs are more important than anyone else and I am

Stop Praising the Differences in Men and Women

For years, I have been writing about the differences in the brains of men and women. I have touted the innate strengths women bring to the workplace. I have supported communication skills training that teach us to adapt to gender-based styles. The men in my life are indirectly teaching me that I may be wrong.

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Who Will Save the Day?

I love the book We Bought a Zoo. It’s a chronicle about a family who bought a run-down zoo before the animals had to be shipped out or euthanized. They had no background in running zoos, but they felt a passion for the possibility of a noble success. My favorite story starts with an employee

Why People Don’t Hear You

Do you believe in the fantasy that other people should listen when you talk? Maybe your parents listened eagerly when you garbled your first words. After that, it’s amazing how many people just don’t seem to hear or understand you. The truth: We used to think that information we speak entered people’s ears and then

The Clues for Growth Are in the Complaints

Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson has been a best-selling book for years. The modern-day fable has helped many people accept 1) change is inevitable, 2) if you do not change aspects of your life they become stale and possibly toxic, and that 3) the sooner you can adapt and enjoy change, the

Why Practice Can’t Make Perfect

The brain’s primary purpose is to make sure we survive. Therefore, it is much better at handling variable instead of repetitive tasks. Ever wonder why even Tiger Woods overshoots a putt? Or why the #1 NBA free throw shooter won’t hit every shot? A new study out of Stanford University claims that our brains make

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