Angry person arguing to convince

How to Influence Instead of Argue

No matter how right you know you are, the person you want to convince to think differently isn’t looking for facts or logic. To influence means you affect a change or shift in thinking, not force your ideas on others. These 3 steps will help your conversation flow smoothly.

What Not To Say When You Are Mad

When you are stressed or irritated, you might sabotage your conversations with one word or phrase. This list will help you catch them before they leave your lips.


3 Steps to Achieving Inner Stillness

Achieving inner stillness is getting comfortable with the beautiful emptiness of not knowing. Practice these steps to improve your coaching, leadership and parenting.

Do You Have the Courage to Coach?

The courage that emanates from your presence will help others override their fears. Learn how to call forth your courage with self-awareness and choice.

Stop Saying Stupid Things

When life disruptions and irritations cause frustration and rage, you say stupid things. Learn 5 ways to manage your mind to better control your mouth.

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