Bounty of Brain Tips

As I was working hard to meet a book deadline, I collected a pile of brain tips to share with you. I couldn’t select one to write about since they all seemed interesting. Therefore, I am going to share a “buffet of tips” with you. Hope you enjoy the feast! Brain tip #1: Improve your […]

Is Your Environment Helping You Think?

When I first became a coach, I lived in a condominium in the heart of Phoenix. I carved out a perfect space on the side of my kitchen so I could keep my business from taking over my house. There was a big window that provided plenty of natural light. Yet the scenery was sparse;

3 Ways to Change Channels in Your Brain

In the past, I have shared many studies that prove happy people are more productive. Not only does their brain chemistry promote creativity, they are better able to focus on their work. Worrying about a situation competes for the same mental resources as problem-solving and brainstorming. When you quit worrying, you free up your working

How Pictures and Music Can Shift Your Emotional State

Enjoy this short video . . . When you are feeling stressed, fearful, angry or disappointed, find a picture, video or piece of music that can shift you into experiencing the miracle of being alive right now. What treasures do you have in your life? What amazing things are in your line of sight

Death to the Hierarchy

I picked up a magazine on an airplane last week. I opened to a page that read, “Dissent in the ranks. Difficult employees should be brought in the fold or shown the door.” What fold? The world as it was is no more. I believe that the root problem in our struggling economies is not

Why People Don’t Hear You

Do you believe in the fantasy that other people should listen when you talk? Maybe your parents listened eagerly when you garbled your first words. After that, it’s amazing how many people just don’t seem to hear or understand you. The truth: We used to think that information we speak entered people’s ears and then

The Top 3 Sources of Communication Breakdowns

FACT: All external input—what you see, hear, taste, smell and touch—is filtered through the emotional center of the brain before you are able to use your cognitive brain. RESULT: All information is distorted, no matter how logical you think you are. OUTCOME: Three major causes of communication breakdowns: 1. What You Assumed Would Happen (assumptions)

How to Get High

Most people love feeling good, and seek this sensation in many ways. There are four methods we can turn ourselves on: 1. Artificial Drugs 2. Adrenalin 3. Endorphins 4. Serotonin Most artificial drugs (including caffeine), cause fast-acting shifts in our moods. Unfortunately they diminish our own natural process for creating pleasure. For example, although nicotine

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