The One Thing That Can Change Everything

No matter how many things you do to make people happy, there is only one thing that works for everyone. But the one thing that can change everything — in our work, our relationships, and our lives — is getting harder and harder to find. Read this post so you can start looking for it today.

Why Feedback Doesn’t Work, and What to Do Instead

Research shows that people don’t want feedback and it doesn’t work anyway. Most people know what they did wrong but they might need help discovering what else they could do. Here are 7 steps to hold conversations that more effectively inspire development and growth than giving people advice in the form of “constructive feedback.”

Should You Develop Strengths or Correct Weaknesses?

There are two basic schools of thought in coaching and development. One side feels you should build on strengths in character and abilities. The other focuses on correcting weaknesses. Which is better to do – develop strengths or correct weaknesses? Advocates of strengths-based coaching feel that increasing one’s capacity using their strengths and positive emotions …

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