Superhero power in the shadows

7 Ways to Use Your Power

No matter your position at work or in life, you can access different types of power other than the power that comes with a title or wealth. Which types of power are you using?

The Most Revealing Non-Verbal Cue

People do not always tell the truth because they aren’t aware of their assumptions, they are uncomfortable revealing their thoughts, or can’t clearly articulate how they see things. You can help them understand and move forward by noticing and sharing their non-verbal emotional shifts. Here’s how.

What Does It Take to Achieve Mastery?

Mastery is the deepening of presence, not the perfection of skills. You must learn how to clear your mind and use emotions to achieve “full-body” presence to master any sport, performing art, or profession.

The Importance of Reflecting on Your Journey

This post demonstrates how reflecting on pivotal life moments can shine a light on your current journey and give meaning to your life. Discover your own moment and then answer the questions for clarity on your meaning and direction.

Can You Quit Being Judgmental?

You are judgmental by nature. It’s what you do after you judge that makes the difference. Read how to catch your judgment and then choose what to do next.

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